Osiris Protocol Checklist for NFT/Cryptotoken Project Founders

This is a preliminary overview. Make sure to fulfill these requirements before reaching out to Osiris Protocol. We will continue to build on each section as we progress.

1. Project Concept & Vision

  • Define your project's core concept, value proposition, and long-term vision.

  • Identify your target audience and their needs.

  • Establish a unique selling proposition (USP) to distinguish your project from others.

2. Whitepaper Drafting

  • Draft a whitepaper that explains the basics of your project, including:

    • The problem your project addresses and your proposed solution.

    • Benefits and potential returns for your future community of holders.

    • Your project's roadmap with clear milestones and timelines.

    • Tokenomics or mechanics of your NFTs (if applicable).

  • Register your organization as an LLC, partnership, or sole proprietorship.

  • Familiarize yourself with and comply with relevant laws and regulations.

  • Consult with a legal advisor to discuss potential liabilities and risks.

4. Social Media & Online Presence

  • Set up social media accounts on relevant platforms (e.g., Twitter, Discord, Reddit).

  • Develop a content strategy to keep your community engaged and informed.

  • Design and launch a basic landing page, including:

    • An overview of your project.

    • Key details from your whitepaper.

    • Links to your social media accounts.

When you have completed this checklist, you're ready to reach out to Osiris Protocol for your smart contract needs.

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